BODS 7 May

Analyse Bus Open Data (ABOD)

A reporting and analytics extension to the Bus Open Data Service (BODS) – Analyse Bus Open Data – has been launched, and is being rolled out to operators and local authorities nationally.

As announced last June, Ito World has once again partnered with the Department for Transport on a second phase to BODS, to enable national and local governments, regulators, and operators to monitor bus network performance across the whole of England.

The Analyse Bus Open Data service launched in January 2021, delivering a constant, real-time view of the national bus network at any point in time and providing valuable metrics to track and monitor performance of services across England.

Additional analyses will be added throughout 2021, in particular to support the UK Government’s recently-announced National Bus Strategy.

“These extensions significantly further the ability of BODS to digitally transform the delivery of bus services and, ultimately, the passenger experience. They will help revolutionise the way in which the DfT, and other stakeholders, collect and analyse bus data, enabling us to identify network optimisations more easily and help us support operators in reporting their on-time performance statistics.”

Meera Nayyar, Head of Passenger Experience (Buses and Taxis) DfT